Supply Chain Consulting & Interim Management

Interim Management
About HS
HS-Logistics consulting & interim management supports in:

"Getting the right product to your customer at the right time,
the right place with the highest service at the lowest costs"

We at HS-Logistics believe that an adequate supply chain has a key role
to play in fueling growth and profitability of a company.

However, we don’t believe in complex solutions for complex problems.
We believe in the KISS principle: "Keep It Simple and Straightforward"
Of course, challenges like geographic expansion, mergers, acquisitions
and regulatory requirements are complex issues to deal with.
Nevertheless, in the design of a process, we always aim for the
most easy and clear way of working. Simply, because we are convinced
that simple processes last longer. No matter what intelligent 
solution we come up with, box moving is still people business and
people should understand the way of working.

With this approach in the back of our heads, we support in change
management, project management and supply chain management

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